Published: 28-07-17

28-07-17 - Did he ever really leave?

In a surprise about turn the former Harriers Online sponsored player, Elton N’Gwatala, decided to finally sign a new contract with Kidderminster Harriers after initially turning one down at the end of last season. At the time it was announced by the club that Elton would be signing for a League club although, to his credit, that statement did not come from the man himself.

Elton N'Gwatala
Elton N’Gwatala

With just days before the start of a new season it’s just the news all Harriers fans were waiting to hear that the last remaining player of our French trio was staying with the club. It’s just a shame that this website will not be sponsoring him again this coming season now that we are committed to sponsoring Ryan Croasdale instead.

Eltons problem seemed to be his fitness following breaks from the game last season due to injury. That injury, an easily dis-located shoulder, was to have been operated on during the close season but still, it seems, other clubs were not willing to take a punt on him. If the shoulder has now been pinned then there’s no reason why clubs would turn him down so it’s to our benefit that they have.

A statement was made by Colin Gordon about Eltons one year contract on the official website:

“If someone comes in for him then we have agreed that we won’t stand in his way, so if he gets an opportunity we will support him; but in order for him to get that chance he’ll need to be playing well for somebody and we’d rather that be with us than our competitors who were very keen to sign him.

“He’s a class player and everybody knows that.”

Welcome back Elton.

Photo © KHFC