Published: 13-06-18

13-06-18 - News - Snoopy heads for Stevenage

Emmanuel Sonupè
Emmanuel Sonupè
Off to Stevenage

In something of a bombshell the news came out this afternoon that the enigmatic Manny Sonupè had left the Harriers to play for League 2 side Stevenage FC. In addition to the undisclosed five figure fee that we get for him we got a defender coming this way on a long term loan until the New Year.

During his time with the Harriers Snoopy has amazed and annoyed at the same time while on the field. His electric pace left defenders for dead and his goals from long range were the icing on the cake at times. At other times he was frustrating to watch as that electric pace took him heading for goal alongside a fellow forward only for him to fail to spot his better positioned mate and try to go it alone with disastrous consequences.

He first came to us on loan from Northampton Town in the Spring of 2017 and then joined us permanently on his release from the Cobblers. Even though we could see his undoubted qualities at times that seemed to pass John Eustace by and he would either stay on the bench the whole game or, even worse, when he did play Eustace got him back defending at corners when it was obvious to the fans that he would be better employed lurking on the half way line.

It wasn’t until the season drew to an end that Eustace began to play Snoopy from the start more often but still the corner policy remained.

His goal return of sixteen goals for us was excellent considering his faults and hopefully Stevenage will be seeing what we saw but at the same time try to improve his passing ability.

In return for the loss of Sonupè we have taken defender Ryan Johnson on loan until January. Not much is known about him and he didn’t figure very often at Broadhall Way only playing once last season and thirteen times overall. He spent some time at Nuneaton on loan last season but only played three times for them.  

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