Date: 06-12-19Harriers appoint James (Jimmy) Shan as the new manager

06-12-19 - News - Harriers appoint James (Jimmy) Shan as the new manager

In a move that has come as something quite out of the blue the Harriers, today, have appointed a new manager to replace the recently departed John Pemberton. Out of the blue because it’s very unusual for KHFC to move that fast in making new managerial appointments.

James Shan is the choice and he’ll be in the job in a kind of caretaker fashion because he’s only been contracted until the end of the current season and, I presume, will be kept on if we at least reach the play-offs but if our fortunes don’t improve he won’t be staying. It was thought that the current caretaker manager, Russ Penn, would get the job but he will instead become Shans’ assistant. 

James is well known in coaching circles having spent most of his career with West Bromwich Albion. From 2006 he was the U7’s coach later moving his way through the U18’s, U21’s and then the U23’s before becoming the manager Darren Moores right hand man in 2017. Following Moores departure in March 2019 he became caretaker manager until the arrival of Slaven Bilic at the end of June.

With his extensive links in the coaching world, and access to West Brom players, this could be seen as a canny move to bring new players in to play for us.