Published: 03-07-17

Harriers Online with Harriers Hotline

Harriers Online are pleased to announce a major new partner to work with the site and with the fans.

Harriers Hotline is a unique way for all Harriers fans (and also visiting fans) to give their views on a game, or a on a new player coming in, by just phoning 01905 570 777, a local rate number, and speaking to renowned Harriers fan Wes Thompson about it.

Wes, who has a breakfast show on All Retro Radio between 6.00am and 10.00am in the morning, has set up this brilliant phone-in and it’s live around an hour following a game. So for a Saturday game you can begin to call in after 18.00pm and for an evening game at 22.45pm.

This website will be helping to promote Harriers Hotline with a dedicated page where you can listen in to the show and, maybe, take part too. That’s HERE

There will also be a link to the phone-in on every match preview and match report page throughout the coming season and also a (random) banner at the top of every page on the website so there will be no excuses that you can’t find the phone number.

Harriers Hotline also has a Facebook page at

All Retro Radio has an app you can download from the website. You can also find the station on Tunein radio and coming soon there will be a DAB channel.

We both hope that you, the fans, will make this a great success.