Phil Brown

Phil Brown
Phil Brown
Birthplace : South Shields Born : 30-05-1959 Position : Manager

The former Hull City and Derby County manager Phil Brown became the Harriers caretaker manager soon after the dismissal of Russ Penn in January 2024 when he was appointed until the end of the 2023-24 season and the aim of saving us from relegation back to the National North.

The Newcastle born defender started his career with a South Shields boys club before signing pro terms with Hartlepool Utd. Taking in Halifax Town and Bolton Wanderers on the way he ended his career with Blackpool and then three years later went into management with Bolton.

His high point came when he was given the job of getting Hull City into the Premier League. He originally joined them as a coach and then as a caretaker manager alongside Colin Murphy. He was given the full job of managing them in january 2007 and the following season City were promoted. 

Following disciplinary action for club and player offences he was sacked in June 2010.

Since then he’s managed numerous clubs without any similar kind of success although his first spell at Southend Utd was a long one but without tearing up any trees.

He tried his luck in India but came back to manager Barrow AFC and save them from relegation. He succeeded in that but was then told he wasn’t wanted for the following season and left.

He now has to do the same for us and this time hope that he gets a full contract if he does achieve safety.  


Career historyDate fromDate toFeeAppearancesGoals
Hartlepool Utd07-07-7830-07-85Trainee2178
Halifax Town30-07-8501-07-88Signed13519
Bolton Wanderers01-07-8825-07-94£20,00025614
Managerial careerDate fromDate toGamesWonDrewLost
Bolton Wanderers22-09-9919-10-996411
Derby County24-06-0530-01-063371412
Hull City04-12-0615-03-10157524065
Preston North End06-01-1114-12-1151151521
Southend Utd25-03-1317-01-18251986588
Swindon Town12-03-1811-11-1832101111
Pune City/Hyderabad FC24-12-1811-01-20204511
Southend Utd09-04-2109-10-2116457
Barrow AFC21-03-2230-06-229216