Date: 29-03-24 Match preview Vs Altrincham Venue: Aggborough Kick off: 15:00hrs

28-03-24. Kidderminster Harriers Vs Altrincham. Match preview

Preview:Phil Lench

The Harriers have reached the final few weeks of the season and the countdown to the Last Chance Saloon begins at the start of Easter tomorrow with an important home game against Altrincham.

Alex Penny
Alex Penny …
Better be fit for tomorrow. We need him

With the Reds still stuck in the relegation zone, even after only losing twice in thirteen games, we must simply win our three remaining home games and hope for the best in the two away games left. On paper the three games at home against Alty, FC Halifax Town and Eastleigh FC are all winnable so we have to make sure that is what we do. Away from home it’s a different matter with both games against the top two clubs, newly crowned as champions Chesterfield and second placed Barnet look to be a little harder and maybe the best we can hope for would be a point from each.

Last Saturday we drew our fourth game in a row at Wealdstone when we really had to get the three points but failed. The first half we went in one down and it should have been more if it wasn’t for the heroics of our defenders and Christian Dibble in keeping them at bay. The second half was a different matter though and, with a better strikeforce, we should have rolled out winners by some margin.

Goals have been our downfall all season with our thirty five goals scored well below most other clubs in the league. Even relegated Oxford City have scored fifty one goals but it’s their defence that have got them relegated with a whopping eighty seven goals conceded compared to our credible forty eight. Number one club Chesterfield have conceded more than we have.

Hopefully we’ll be able to put out a strong side tomorrow with very little in the way of injuries. Alex Penny took a couple of knocks at Wealdstone that looked a bit worrying at the time but he seemed to recover during the second half. It’s a day or two later that the pain makes itself known though. Apart from possibly Alex only Shane Byrne will be missing while Nathaniel Knight-Percival has gone out on loan to the National League North champions elect Tamworth.

Latest signing Charlie Weston made his debut at Wealdstone but having a short time on the pitch it was hard to form an opinion of him but he looked useful and could pass the ball. Hopefully we’ll see more of him tomorrow.

So here we go. It’s the countdown to our survival. Be there and back the lads and hopefully they’ll reward us and Phil Brown for their unerring support with a bloody good win.

Photo © KHFC

Referee: Mr Ross Martin. Bridport

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15-02-1997HVauxhall Conference1 – 1 Hughes2679
21-09-1996AVauxhall Conference0 – 1 Doherty848
21-10-1995HVauxhall Conference1 – 1 Davies2429
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