Date: 15-01-19Dan Bradley returns to Fylde

15-01-19 - News - Dan Bradley returns to Fylde

Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley
Wearing his favourite shirt

It came as something of a surprise to hear this afternoon that the Harriers star player, Dan Bradley, was returning back to the club that he left us for two seasons ago.

Yes, he was homesick for Fylde! You couldn’t make it up.

He came to Aggborough for a second time in August 2017 for a £75,000 fee and signed a three year contract with us. At first he seemed to be settling in well, with us getting close to promotion last season, but now it’s getting tougher and he’s playing in a losing side he’s gone and jumped ship.

In a somewhat embarrassing video that was aired by his ‘new club’ after his return he more or less intimated that he was glad to get out and things weren’t going too great at Aggborough. He should try being a fan and see how we feel about the situation here. We can’t just up sticks and sign for our first love.

In his first spell with us back in 2012 we saw then how fickle he could be when he walked out on the club after not being picked to play enough for his liking. Of course we didn’t heed the warning from the first time but now he’s shown his fickle side once more he need never bother coming back.

He wouldn’t get a very good welcome from the fans but it looks odds on that we won’t be playing AFC Fylde again any day soon.

Photo © AFC Fylde