Date: 11-02-20Jimmy Shan leaves the club

11-02-20 - News - Jimmy Shan leaves the club

Following some scurrilous rumour on Twitter yesterday that the Harriers manager, Jimmy Shan, was being lined up to take over at Solihull Moors today it turns out it wasn’t so scurrilous as we thought. Earlier today the club officially announced that our ‘interim’ manager had left with immediate effect.

James Shan
James Shan
That didn’t last long did it

It looks likely now that Solihull will be where he’s going to go but how much of a jump up the ladder will it be if he’s still being paid by West Bromwich Albion and, in effect, also become Solihulls ‘interim’ manager too?

To be honest during his short time with us he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. He talks the talk but it seems that most of that talk goes over the heads of players and fans alike. His lecture at the fans forum was a good example that left most of us with our brain spinning round. He also talked about the fans, the board and the management all pulling together but at the first opportunity he’s on his bike up the M42.

His record with us has also been below par with just twelve points from a possible thirty three. Won three, drawn three and lost five.

Not good is it although in the last two games against Kings Lynn and Darlington we did see an improvement, and a change to our style of play, that gave us a little belief that we could pull clear of the relegation places.

Now we could be back at square one, managerial wise, for the fifth time in two seasons and the second time that Russ Penn will be in charge. This time as the full time manager until the end of the season.

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