Date: 01-06-24 Harriers Online and KHIST working together

01-06-24. Harriers Online and KHIST working together

Harriers Online, the leading independent Kidderminster Harriers website, and KHIST, the independent Kidderminster Harriers supporters trust, are pleased to announce a new working partnership that will see KHIST become the major sponsor of this website.

The arrangement will last for the coming season and will, hopefully, be renewed when the time comes. KHIST’s generous support will enable the server costs of running the website to be met and also cover the costs of domain name renewals and software upgrades. An essential, but costly, part of running this website.

The user will see targeted adverts on the main website at: and also on the message board at: and both Harriers Online and KHIST would be grateful if users would click through the adverts to access KHIST and to see what they can offer the Kidderminster Harriers supporter.

Occasionally there will be articles published on this website outlining various KHIST initiatives as part of the arrangement.

It may not be common knowledge but the link between Harriers Online and KHIST goes back to the very start of it’s journey in the Millennium year of 2000 when KHISA was formed by a small group of Harriers supporters at the old Greyhound pub at Proud Cross. I was on the setting up committee of that group and, of course, asked to create the first website. Three years later KHISA became KHIST and we have now come full circle.

This new sponsorship replaces the long standing relationship between Harriers Online and Hire It! that has been in place for a number of years. I thank John Davies for his support for us and for local sport in general and also wish John well in his retirement.