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Match day information

Post by Phil » Wed May 19, 2010 10:11 pm

This section will be used for any comments about a forthcoming game and then afterwards.

I will try to set up a thread on the main part of the message board a few days before a game is due to be played and then that same thread will be used for post game comments too. I will also be adding the MotM poll for the game into the thread.

If someone has already started a thread then I'll hijack that, rename it suitably, and sticky it.

Once the game is over and the poll finished (3 days) it will then be moved into this section. That way we shouldn't have too many threads about the same game and it'll also be more visible.

Below are the best links for following the games:

Radio commentary selection page:

738am online (for emergencies):


BBC live game:


I won't be putting these at the start of the threads in future and there will not be a question and answer anymore either (unless popular demand means it gets re-instated)

But if you want the old questionnaire to use here it is

Overall View of the Match?

Best Harriers Player?

Key Moment?

Most Controversial Moment?

Rate the Ref?

Views on the Opposition?

How were the fans/atmosphere?

Rate each Harriers player out of ten?